Egress Window Systems

Egress Solutions offers complete egress window systems for use in below grade remodeling or new construction. These basement window systems provide natural light, ventilation, and a means of egress or exit to any basement. Research has shown that it is 30% less expensive to build down when looking to add livable space to your home versus building up or out. Proper egress is crucial to meeting safety code requirements and can greatly affect the resale value of your home. In New Jersey, failure to provide proper egress can result in an inability to list below grade rooms as living space.

A homeowner remodels a two bedroom, one bath rancher and adds a bedroom and full bathroom in the basement. If this homeowner fails to add proper egress he must list the home as a two bedroom. If the homeowner adds the proper basement egress window well system, he can list the home as a three bedroom 2 bath dwelling.

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