Window Well Grates and Covers

Window Well Grates

Window well safety grates are designed to keep people and pets out of the basement, while providing for egress from the other side. They allow ventilation and will not obstruct the natural light from entering your basement. They are also easy to open for egress routes. The safety grate is made of rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars. It is designed to keep people and pets out of the well and hold the weight of standard foot traffic. Window well grates can also be powder coated with an earth tone color that will fit in with your home’s natural landscape.

Window Well Covers

The plastic grate cover is made of a polycarbonate plastic and is designed to be used along with the safety grate. It is used to keep debris, animals, and excess water out of the window well. We also offer a premium cover that is UV coated and can also hold up to 500 pounds.


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