homeowners egressEgress window systems offer benefits to homeowners. Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety. We all want to make sure our kids are safe. Egress Solutions provide a safe exit from a basement in an emergency. Basements are no longer used for just storage. They are our playrooms, entertainment centers, and more often now than before, bedrooms for expanding families.

Basement Egress is Now Mandatory in New Jersey!

  • September 3rd 2019 Law Change
  • All Basements Must Now Have 2nd Means of Egress
  • All Bedrooms Must Have Egress

A study has shown that 99% of homes with basements have what is called a “hopper” window. It is a small window that opens down from the top and inward. They let in a small amount of light, and in an emergency, they are often insufficient for a safe exit. If a fire happens, the means of egress provides a safe way out of the basement, without having to go through a kitchen where nearly 90% of house fires start. Nearly 80% of basement stairs exit through the kitchen only.

A means of egress is broken into three parts: the path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the exit route (the path to a safe area outside). All three are important for your home’s safety. Egress window solutions provide a safe and easy means into safety outside of the house, and for first responders to access the basement for rescue and minimize property loss.

In addition, your egress system will provide ventilation and natural light in your basement. Egress Solutions can install your egress system in a size that is ideal for your home.